Maybe you have seen villa or villa project advertisements on the internet for Yesıltepe and/or Greenhill and that ıs why you are now on this page wondering about Greenhill / Yesiltepe.

We like to use both names together because some people prefer to call it Yesiltepe (which means Greenhill ın Englısh) and some people call it Greenhill to remember easily.


Basıcally, it ıs on the hill wıth greenery all around, Yesiltepe has become one of the most popular rural areas to build private villas, designed villas, bungalows, etc. We would like to inform you that there is no sea view from Yesiltepe, but the plot sizes are large, and have green area around them, making this a peaceful place surrounded with beautiful mountains. This makes it very attractive for investors.


Greenhill / Yesiltepe is not out of everything but not in the busy city life either. If you ask me it’s close to whatever you will need. Before giving you information about the location, I would like to mention that, you can find local markets, restaurants, and cafeterias in Greenhill open all year round.

But if you need a supermarket for bigger needs, Beaches, Cash points, Restaurants, Bars, the closest town is Akbuk, which is 5km from Greenhill. If you need somewhere a little more lively and different beaches to visıt then Didim is only 14km from the resort.


There is a minibus (dolmush) that goes into Greenhill to collect people to go to Didim or Akbuk. However if you are on holiday you will, ideally, need a rental car to discover the area more fully. Villa owners who live in Greenhill all year round or most of the year will usually own a car for their needs.

Yesiltepe is one of the most popular growing resorts on this coast, as the plot prices increased 100% and villa prices increased 60% in the last 3 years. The plot of land in Yeşiltepe is better value than any holiday resort in Turkey, that’s why it’s in the investor’s spotlight.

The climate is very good in the Greenhill area, especially preferred by the people who are suffering from Asthma as this area has low humidity.

You are more than welcome to view the luxury villas that we have already completed in Greenhill, so you can get ideas about our building quality, workmanship and materials. This will help you to better envısıon your own future Dream Home in Greenhill Turkey.