Bozbük is a recently discovered resort, it is part of Milas and the other closest resorts are Akbük and Didim. Bozbük is a tranquil location where you can get away from the stresses of life and find a peaceful new haven and get away from the daily grind. There is a beautiful beach in Bozbük and this beach may be your favourite place to go to get away from it all, just relax, unwind and chill when daily life gets too much.

It is a simple beach with two local restaurants and a house. It has a feeling of simplicity and stress-free living, where you can concentrate on picking up the vibes that lead you to the beach.

Could it be that the best things in life are simple things and don’t take a lot of planning or energy? Could the vibes be related to the fact that Bozbük is off the beaten track and void of all the tell-tale signs and hubbub that hit a lot of the other tourist resorts? If ever there was a temptation to give up the rat race and become a beach bum, then this is it.


You will happily enjoy beach life in this quiet, secluded area of the Aegean coast. If you find yourself in the area and want to see this beach for yourself, just head for the resort of Akbuk and from there drive five minutes until you reach the neighbouring resort of Bozbuk. Once you find the beach, take time out to relax and enjoy the true face of Turkey.

Several new projects are happening in Bozbük, one of them is Apollonium – Club La Costa, a holiday complex with a water park, 6 swimming pools, private beach, indoor pool, spa, reception, security and many more facilities. Another area ın Bozbük ıs Kaplankaya. This is an upcoming area with the biggest project of last 50 years being built, there is a private marina, holistic wellbeing hotel (The Sixth Sense), school, hospital, spa, helicopter port, and many more facilities. This is an internationally renowned resort with many local and international famous names, such as footballers, artists, and businessmen buying property at Kaplankaya.