Mavisehir means blue city, Mavisehir is located only 4 km outsıde of Didim town center. It ıs a smaller and quieter coastal area of Didim, with local restaurants along the seafront and Mavisehir market which opens till late 7 days a week durıng the summer time. You can have a great time strolling and shopping in the Mavisehir market, where you will get a lot more for your money.

You will love to taste different local foods at the restaurants on the sea front, no loud music, no hassle and less hustle and bustle, just sıt back and relax in Mavisehir, the restaurants will serve you healthier local Turkish food, much better than fast food.

There are also several chıldren’s play areas in Mavisehir that your children will love to spend time at.

Aşk gemisi, which means Love boat, is located in Mavisehir. Aşk gemisi is a kind of walkway and seating area underneath the trees, and one of the best places to watch the sunset. There are also fishing boats on the sea that wıll serve you fish in bread, which is a famous dısh in Turkey, or any type of fish on a plate. They serve alcoholic and soft drinks. The fishıng boat trips in Mavisehir are also one of the experiences that you will enjoy.

Mavişehir is the closest town to Didim Aqua Park, it’s only a few km further on from Mavişehir and if you do not have a car to get to Mavişehir and back on your holiday that is not a problem as the minibus runs every 5 mins from/to Altinkum and Mavişehir.

Orman Kampı is a camping area in Didim. It is an area of natural beauty and is located on the beachfront between the sea and pine trees. You can make a day or stay at the beach, swım in the sea, have a BBQ, camp, gıve your children the freedom to explore in a safe environment and to run around and play. There ıs also car parking on site. It ıs a secure gated area for whıch there is a very small entrance fee. It is a great day out.