Altinkum is a friendly family resort with many visitors returning year after year. The local people are very friendly and love the English tourists. You will quickly get to know them and find that they enjoy nothing better than chatting to you over a glass of Turkey’s famous ‘apple tea’. Don’t be surprised if you return year after year to visit your newfound friends! The holiday resort of Altinkum has also been recommended by World Health Council as a good place to visit for those suffering from asthma or respiratory ıssues due to its lovely climate and low rate of humidity.


Altinkum means ‘Golden Sands’ and with its beautiful beaches, which gently shelve into the inviting turquoise blue Aegean, you will soon understand where it gets its name from. The beaches are ideal for children and non-swimmers as the waters are shallow and clear. There are plenty of water sports, pedalos, banana boat rides, and donut rides all at reasonable prices. There are numerous boat trips you can take from the small harbor that runs along the beachfront. You can even arrange diving courses and fishing tours. You won’t even have to leave your sun lounger to get refreshments, there are plenty of people who will be happy to serve you a soft cold drink, the famous apple tea, or even a Nescafe and they will deliver this right to your sun lounger. There is also fresh fruit for sale. The shops and bars are a minute away so you can get hot food, and cold beers and take them onto the beach. This beach is known as the ‘Main Beach’.

There is also a more quiet and secluded beach in the area known as ‘Third Beach’. It is smaller than the main beach and is more peaceful. There are still lots of water sports, banana boats, etc., along with bars/restaurants that will bring your drinks, to your sun lounger, so no need for you to move. Some say that this beach is one of the best in Altinkum.


Altinkum (also known as Didim) runs a weekly market that is held on a Saturday. It is a very large market and well worth a visit. Here you can buy a huge variety of things, the fresh fruit and vegetables are especially good and extremely cheap. The main resort shopping center is Dolphin Square, near the center of the resort front. There are also a large number of shops on the seafront. All the shops are open late at night when the area becomes its liveliest. This is your opportunity to pick up a real bargain, especially if you are good at haggling! If you fancy designer clothes but can’t normally afford them then many good copy designer items are on sale. If you are looking for jewelry then you will find that the quality of the gold here is excellent with the prices much cheaper than at home.


Altinkum vibrates in summer as bars, pubs, and clubs are lined in downtown Altinkum with different kinds of music and entertainment. It is not overbearing and there is something for everyone ranging from discos and lively bars to the more relaxed where you can have a quiet drink. Altinkum is as lively or as quiet as you like it. The harbor and Dolphin Square are lined with lively venues, you can also opt for one of the back street bars, which are much quieter. There are numerous restaurants and a wide range of different cuisines – ranging from English, Italian, Mexican, Turkish, and Chinese to name but a few. There are plenty of Turkish specialty dishes which we recommend you try as they are delicious. If you order the Turkish dish which is cooked in a traditional clay pot you will have the full treatment of it being brought out with fire, dancing, etc., something not to be missed. All are reasonably priced. You can even get a good old Sunday roast which is excellent value. There are many beachfront restaurants and cafes where you can dine under the clear moonlit skies overlooking the water’s edge. The Medusa Nightclub is an open-air club in Altinkum which has a laser show and the latest up-to-date music.