Hard to beat for value for money, Turkey’s popularity shows no signs of slowing. Whether it is along the Aegean or Mediterranean coastlines there are some fantastic options on offer.  Property prices are still relatively low and offer excellent value for money.


Excellent rental potential. As Turkey is outside of the eurozone it means that Turkey has become a place for holidaymakers looking for value during a recession, which means the rental market is also very good.


Good investment. Voted in the top ten best places to buy abroad by “A Place In The Sun” Turkey offers great investment opportunities with low property taxes and no capital gains tax after 5 years.


Low cost of living. Another advantage of Turkey being outside of the eurozone is that the cost of living is lower and day-to-day living expenses are more affordable than in the UK. This is because prices have to be kept at a level the local consumer can afford. Certain items, like fuel, meat, and alcohol are expensive to buy but having access to cheaper everyday essentials offsets this.


Excellent climate. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the warm climate that extends from March to November is another great reason to buy in Turkey. With stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, diving in the crystal clear the Aegean Sea, great choice of water sports, boat trips or just chilling out, Turkey has something for everyone.


Easy to get to. Turkey is only a 3.5-hour flight from the UK and there is a great choice of flights, at a reasonable price, from most UK airports all year round.


Quality healthcare available at affordable prices. Whilst there is little in the way of free public health care available in Turkey, for overseas visitors and expatriates, the quality and affordability of private care are exceptional. Doctors are often internationally trained and experienced so many of them can speak English and/or German, they use the latest equipment and yet charge Turkish prices.  For those considering relocating to the country it is possible to get private medical insurance but, because Turkey’s healthcare is affordable, so is the insurance.


Mortgages and insurance available in Turkey. The Turkish government is gradually implementing significantly important legislation to ensure the property market remains as open and competitive as possible. To this end mortgages are now available in Turkey and, the improvements in legislation and the quality of the house builders now constructing in Turkey, have brought international insurers to the market to offer home and contents packages to buyers.  This gives buyers more options in terms of financing and more security in terms of committing to purchase.


Buying in Altinkum. Altinkum is a resort town on the Aegean coast in Turkey. The town has three main beaches and is popular with both British and Turkish tourists. The fact that Altinkum is popular with Turkish tourists makes investing in property in Altinkum a good choice as Altinkum property appeals to both the foreign and the domestic market, doubling your potential for rental opportunities.  Altinkum means ‘golden sands’ and with its white sandy beaches sloping into the sea, it’s easy to see where it got its name.  Altinkum has some of the loveliest surroundings in Turkey with the popular holiday resort of Akbuk being very close by.


Finally, Turkish hospitality. The hospitality of the Turkish people is very warm and friendly and they always have time for a chat. The language is not a problem as a lot of Turkish people speak English. Turkish cuisine offers great flavors and choices.  Eating out in Turkey is an enjoyable experience.  All meals are freshly prepared using the large selection of fresh vegetables and fruit available. Seafood is a specialty and you won’t be disappointed with the international menus.