Dutch tourists have opted for Turkey in large numbers, choosing it as “the best holiday destination.”
In a survey conducted by Corendon Touristic, a prominent tour operator based in Turkey, Dutch tourists have chosen Turkey as the best holiday spot, giving it a score of 8.5 out of ten 10, followed by Spain and Greece.
The interest of Dutch tourists in Turkey has multiplied, particularly over the last month. Even though holiday packages to Turkey, Spain, and Greece are sold almost at the same price, many Dutch tourists could find flights to come to Turkey.
Partner at Corendon Touristic, Atılay Uslu said the number of tourists to Turkey from the Netherlands and Belgium has increased by at least 30 percent over the last month, compared to the same period last year.
Underscoring the growing interest of Dutch tourists in Turkey, Uslu said that the capacities have almost reached the limits and has led to a shortage in flights.
“Because of the rift that took hold between Turkey and the Netherlands during the April 16 referendum campaign, many airliners had adapted themselves to the crisis and let their aircraft to other companies. Now, we cannot find aircraft to carry tourists to Turkey,” Uslu noted.
Stating that Corendon Touristic operates three airliners and works with 16 different countries, Chairman of the tour operator Yıldıray Karaer said, the company has directed two aircraft to Greece and Spain and shifted one to Turkey from Portugal.
Pointing out that they still needed three more airplanes, Karaer said that they were continuously looking for aircraft.
He revealed Corendon Touristic brings almost 1,200 Dutch tourists and 400 Belgian tourists every day and said,
“The Dutch used to stop coming around August and September, but this time around it seems their holiday season might extend well into mid-November.”
The company in May conducted a survey that involved 1,000 Dutch tourists, who have spent a holiday in Turkey, in order to understand the Dutch perception of Turkey.
Though some 47 percent said they were afraid before coming to Turkey, 96 percent felt safe during their holiday and 89 percent expressed their wish to visit Turkey again.
When asked about their level of satisfaction with the holiday in Turkey, they chose the country as the top destination with a score of 8.5, leaving Spain and Greece behind.